Frequently, I'll post up inspirations of food photography or video. This one is about the production company, Tiger In A Jar. I'm really excited to share them because I've seen their videos on Vimeo for awhile and tend to revisit them. A lot. They also work with Kinfolk often, which is fantastic food quarterly in print and another huge inspiration. It's a perfect pairing because both the publication and the videos have an ethereal, yet whimsical quality to them. The colors tend to lend themselves to earthy or warm tones, hand held, shallow-focused shots, which gives the food and its ingredients a very comforting home-crafted look. They use some playful typography, too. While all their videos are great, I'll limit myself to highlighting one of their recent food videos about raspberry tart. It's very clean, minimal, and nicely framed. I hope to see my work heading in this direction.