I tweeted about this months ago when I first read about this thing. Movi, a 3-axis gyro-rotating gimbal that looks to be the best handheld rig ever. It comes in at $15k for the regular size version and $7500 for the smaller. A large version is in the works for cameras like the Alexa. Considering the footage seen in this short, which was completely shot using the Movi, it may be worth price. It has the potential to replace many components of support systems used by independent productions and provide a freedom like never before. Just look at that taxi shot with the rollerblading camera op. Paired with a second operator who remotely controls the gimbal itself while pulling focus, a lot of possibilities open up. It'll be interesting to see if this picks up with the industry or if similar technology will be used in the near-future. Check out the short film shot with the Movi and its accompanying behind-the-scenes footage.