I was recently able to attend Austin Film Festival and caught some screenings & panels. Here are some highlights.

Wild, by Jean-Marc Vallée and starring Reese Witherspoon, surprised me the most out of the group. I just hadn't heard enough about to it to draw an expectation. It's right on par with Fox Searchlight efforts, a movie with indie feel and a star actor attached. You can expect to think about your relationships, the experiences that shape you, and how you carry them.

The Homesman is Tommy Lee Jones at his finest - co-writing, directing, and starring. Seemingly set as a Western, it's everything but. There's no folk hero or lore here. Instead, it's a display of characters at their most desperate and how they come together to be an unlikely family. You'll think about what motherhood, feminism, and romance means. Along with Tommy Lee Jones's beautiful dialogue.

The Imitation Game is as precise and well thought out as any invention from Alan Turing's mind. This biopic is not about a life, but about a romance, and how a man attempts to reach it. Things to look out for: what it means to be misunderstood, the cryptography of love, and the battle between humanity and intellect.

Other screenings worth noting are Rosewater and One Eyed Girl. I may post a thing or two about the panels, one of which was a live Scriptnotes podcast, which you can listen to here.