Another yet long overdue post, but these mini-hiatuses are hopefully side effects of some new personal projects to come. More on that later. Although I do not concentrate on it entirely here, my interests lie in all forms of communication and a lot of my background comes from marketing, with a strong interest in new media and tech. I've been spending the past few months reviving this passion of mine by reading and listening to a lot of content surrounding exciting startups, entrepreneurial strategies, and productivity tactics. I hope to translate that into some blog posts and have this platform satisfy both my creative and business/tech side. 

This article comes with great timing, too, as TechCrunch Disrupt NY recently occurred last week. Check out their wrap-up here. I'm still catching up on all the talks and pitches, but here are some of my favorites so far:

And this one is just plain fun. But the show is seriously great.