Another busy week eating up content here, especially with the long Memorial Day weekend. I spent the extra time being productive (part of those efforts soon to showcase here!) while also catching up on my many content addictions. For some of the movies and TV wrap-ups, I have to be vague to avoid spoilers, but my general thumbs up/down is given. Here we go.


X-men: Days of Future Past - Starts off with a gimmicky premise but after getting past that, it's one of the better movies of the franchise. Doesn't live up to X-men: 1st Class but is certainly entertaining and includes cameos from many of the characters along with some new ones (in the movie franchise).


*Mad Men - In this final season, the show has yet to take a dip or make choices (so far) that compromise the integrity of the story just to hit crowd-pleasing marks. If anything, it actually brings new challenges to Don and Peggy, and really realigns the story back on them in the midst of a dynamic cast and setting. The show's historical context is as prevalent as ever. Too bad this first half of the season will also soon become history to us since AMC won't be airing the second half of final season until 2015.


*From Scratch - Just discovered this one a few weeks ago, but I've already added it to my 'must listen' queue. It features intimate 30 minute interviews with entrepreneurs in all industries, giving insight to their backgrounds and how they make their visions happen. As a part of NPR, Jessica Harris gives a more structured, edited interview typical of the network as opposed to the freeform podcasts, which feature the tangents of natural discussion.

The Nutrition Diva - I wouldn't consider myself a health nut, but I do think I'm conscious of healthier lifestyles. In that vain, I'm always searching for info about nutrition and came upon this podcast when I was looking to find out the differences between farm-raised fish and wild-caught fish. This was one first hits and after listening to the episode I needed to, I realized that the podcast's full title may target women, but 90% of the episodes are for general nutrition, with some even for men. Most of my podcast consumption consists of lengthy episodes that go in depth, but I enjoy how these are under 10 minutes and are concise and to the point.


*Lift - This one may change your life! It's been popular for awhile and I've been meaning to jump on it forever. Had I had Lift to motivate me to get & use Lift, I would've blogged about it much sooner. This app helps you build habits to complete long term goals or just to motivate you to do weekly tasks. So it's a weekly to-do list that not only reminds you, but tracks your progress, turns it into a game with achievements, and adds a social factor to find what other people are doing or to give/receive "props" with friends. For example, I some health habits, such as juicing everyday and playing basketball, alongside production things like blogging and learning code.