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alex blumberg's startup podcast

Alex Blumberg, who produces This American Life and NPR's Planet Money, has just started his own podcast...about his own startup idea of creating a podcast company...and it's called StartUp Podcast. The meta approach could easily be cheesy, but its story structure (very similar production to This American Life) and brutal honesty of his startup journey makes it a well-produced, distinct perspective in a crowded segment. From the first two episodes, it shows the promise of a series arc, rather than your typical conversational podcast. Check it out.



podcasts, books, and apps galore - it's a weekly wrap up

I'll try to do these as consistently as possible, but I'm as much (if not more) of a content consumer as I am a creator and strategist. So here's some my mainstays and then a few specific discoveries from the week. Those marked with an *asterisk are favorites that I always revisit.

*You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes - Mostly features comedians, but delves into comedy, sex/relationships, and faith/religion. It's not your typical comedy podcast, but more of a therapy session with laughter. It has the potential to change your life and promotes empathy and awareness.

*Foundation - Hosted by Kevin Rose, formerly of Digg and now an angel investor/Google Ventures Partner, this is a video series by TechCrunch TV that deeply interviews founders of innovative companies. Guests have included Jack Dorsey, Ev Williams, Elon Musk as well as new players. The new one with DogeCoin founder, Jackson Palmer, is an insightful one because I'm especially interested in the possibilities behind BitCoin's block chain.

Comedy Bang Bang! - Love this comedy podcast but I can't say I've listened to every episode, but the recent Ben Schwartz episode is great because it's solely him as the guest and there's lots of room for improv genius. SOLO BOLO!


Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator by Ryan Holiday - Old one, but I never got around to it. As Director of Marketing for American Apparel and PR man for Tucker Max, he outlines how news and media disseminates in the digital age and how it's possible to play the system to your advantage in controlling public opinion. I'm only halfway through but it's an entertaining read (perhaps moreso than a technically insightful one as some of the tactics are not as disruptive as they used to be, even a couple years ago). Sidenote: Ryan Holiday has been active on the podcast circuit to promote his new book "The Obstacle is the Way" about stoicism and turning trials into triumphs.

Trust Me, I'm Lying - Book Trailer


Godzilla - I went with friends. It was okay. Fine, I'll elaborate a little. For a blockbuster movie, it retains all the usual characteristics of a bubblegum popcorn flick, but I always have some more hope now for the resurgence of Kaiju films (Godzilla/Japanese monster movies) in the US. I loved Pacific Rim because it was kitschy in all the right places like a great pop song. This Godzilla movie, however, falls flat without the same intention or deliberateness.

*Her (rewatched) - This came out on DVD last week and I finally got to rewatch it since it's theatrical release. Already know this will be a film that will always stay with me. It's not only a great subject matter on surface level, but it's script is incredibly aware of the human condition in every phases of relationships. It then conveys those emotions with subtly poetic scenes.


Litely - I havent used this much but it's getting great reviews and traction (helps when you're an Editor's Pick in the app store) despite a very crowded category with other great photo apps. However, it looks as though it's improving the typical UX and providing excellent filmic filters. Looks like they have a similar business model and approach as VSCO.



digitally obsessed & techcrunch disrupt ny

Another yet long overdue post, but these mini-hiatuses are hopefully side effects of some new personal projects to come. More on that later. Although I do not concentrate on it entirely here, my interests lie in all forms of communication and a lot of my background comes from marketing, with a strong interest in new media and tech. I've been spending the past few months reviving this passion of mine by reading and listening to a lot of content surrounding exciting startups, entrepreneurial strategies, and productivity tactics. I hope to translate that into some blog posts and have this platform satisfy both my creative and business/tech side. 

This article comes with great timing, too, as TechCrunch Disrupt NY recently occurred last week. Check out their wrap-up here. I'm still catching up on all the talks and pitches, but here are some of my favorites so far:

And this one is just plain fun. But the show is seriously great.